Family Historian 6 Upgrade (download)


Upgrade from various previous versions of Family Historian to version 6, using a software download.

Family Historian 6 runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista.

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Upgrade an existing installation of Family Historian to version 6.  The cost of upgrading varies, depending on which version you are upgrading from.  Please be careful to specify this correctly.  Do not buy an upgrade from version 5 unless you own a licence for version 5, as it will not work otherwise.  The upgrade from version 4 requires that you own a licence for either version 4 or version 5.  Only full licensed versions can be upgraded (excludes trial, demo or starter versions).

When you buy an upgrade product, we recommend that you be careful to keep both your existing licence details and your upgrade licence details, as you will need both if you wish to reinstall at any point.

See What’s new in Version 6 for more information on all the new functions introduced in version 6.

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Upgrade From

Version 5, Version 4, Version 3 or earlier