Family Historian 7 as a Gift


You can give anyone a copy of Family Historian 7 as a gift even if you buy it as a download.  When you purchase a copy of Family Historian 7 what you are actually buying is a licence to use it.  You will be emailed an activation code and instructions for downloading the software.  You will see that the licence is described as “non-transferable, perpetual”.  The phrase “non-transferable” means that the licence cannot be transferred from one person to another once activated.  However, there is no problem about giving someone an unused activation code (and installation instructions) so that they can activate the licence themselves.  So to purchase Family Historian 7 (download) as a gift, just buy a copy in the usual way from the Family Historian 7 (download) page.  When your email arrives, you can then if you wish print off a card (or even write a card) with the activation code and instructions on it, and give this as a present.