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Multi-user licences are designed for companies and non-commercial educational establishments.  If you are looking to purchase licences for friends and family, please see Gift Packs instead.

When you buy multi-user licences, you must specify the number of units required (the minimum is 5).  With concurrent usage licences, a ‘unit’ represents the maximum permitted number of concurrent usages of the software at a given site, at any given time.  With non-concurrent usage licences, a ‘unit’ represents the maximum permitted number of installations.  For more details, please see the Product Description below.

The per-unit ‘base’ price depends on the band and licence type.  Further discounts are applicable to purchases of 10 units or more (see Prices & Discounts below).

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Please read the details below before placing an order for a multi-user licence for Family Historian 6.  For each order, you will be required to specify the band type required (educational or commercial), the licence type required (concurrent or non-concurrent usage), and the number of units required.

Definition of Bands

There are 2 bands:

  • Band 1 – Educational (for non-commercial educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, etc)
  • Band 2 – Commercial (all other institutions)

If you are not sure which band your institution falls into, please contact us.

For both bands two types of licence are available:

  • Concurrent Usage Licences
  • Non-concurrent Usage Licences

Concurrent Usage Licences

These are slightly more expensive than non-concurrent usage licences. They allow the software to be installed on any number of computers within a single given named site, as long as the maximum number of users who use the software concurrently (simultaneously) never exceeds the unit number specified in your licence.  If, for example, you purchase a 10-unit concurrent usage licence for a given site, the software can be installed on any number of computers at that site, but may only be used, at any given time, by a maximum of 10 users.

A ‘site’ for these purposes is typically a cluster of school or university buildings within a single grounds. Two buildings, or other such areas, are not considered to constitute a single site if you have to use or cross a public road to get from one to the other. The name and address of the site to which a concurrent usage licence applies must be supplied, and will be included in the licence agreement.

A concurrent usage licence also allows you to install Family Historian on multiple virtual machines, including virtual machines which are clustered across physical hosts, as long as the physical hosts are all located on the specified site.

Non-concurrent Usage Licences

These licences are cheaper but less flexible than concurrent usage licences.  With non-concurrent usage licences, the licence specifies a maximum number of permitted installations (the ‘units’).  A 10-unit non-concurrent usage licence can be installed on a maximum of 10 computers.

Multi-User Licences are for the Download Version

Multi-user licences are for the download version of the software, and include an appropriate registration key.

Restrictions Applicable to All Multi-user Licences

Licenses cannot be sold or transferred. With a multi-user license, the software may not be used by individuals for personal use. The software may only be installed on PCs that are being used by the institution owning the licences, for the purposes of the institution owning the licences. The software must be uninstalled from PCs before the PCs are disposed of in any way, or made available to any individual or institution for any other purpose.

 Version Upgrades

To upgrade a licence of a given type to a version one greater than the licence is for (for example, to upgrade a version 5 licence to a version 6 licence) costs 60% of the normal cost of the licence. To do this, you must contact Calico Pie Limited and surrender your licence document, which will be replaced with the upgraded version.

Prices & Discounts

The base price for each licence depends on the band and licence type.  Further discounts apply as follows:

Units Discounts
5-9 Base price (depends on band & licence type – see above)
10-14 10%
15-19 25%
20-24 35%
25-29 40%
30+ 45%


Orders for multi-user licences are processed manually.  You will receive an initial email confirmation of your order.  You will then be contacted with full licence details, again by email, once the order has been validated and processed. This can take up to 2 working days.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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